Various | AKMA Niedomice

Changing table

Dimensions: L: 80cm, W: 100cm, H: 75cm
Price PLN849.00

Individual Work Shelf 2

Dimensions: 90cm (Width) x 110cm (Height) x 38cm (Depth)
Price PLN541.00

Individual Work Shelf 3

Dimensions: 90cm (Width) x 80cm (Height) x 38cm (Depth)
Price PLN382.00


Dimensions (W / H / D): 80cm x 120cm x 38cm
Price PLN461.00

Cup and towel rack (13 places)

Ширина / Високий / Глибокий 130x50x25 [см] Випадкові кольори
Price PLN245.00

Mug for cup and towel hangers

The cups fit perfectly into the holes in the hangers.
Price PLN2.42

Linen wardrobe

Width / Height / Depth [cm] 3 feet 80x140x39 4 feet 80x180x39
Price PLN845.00