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Lockers with Individual Drawers - Set of 2

Width / Height / Depth 50x105x38 [cm]
Regular price PLN676.00 -15% Price PLN574.60

Lower Cabinet 3x3

Width / Height / Depth: 80x117x38 [cm]
Price PLN814.00

Rainbow Lockers

Width / Height / Depth [cm] 1. 80x117x38 2. 80x151x38 Price for the set shown in the picture (4 elements)
Price PLN3,336.00

Taller Cabinet

Width / Height / Depth: 80x151x38 [cm]
Price PLN853.00

Multi-drawer Cabinet 95x105x38cm

Multi-drawer Cabinet with Wave Design. The price includes the cabinet as shown in the picture, with six small drawers and...
Price PLN1,513.00


2-door Wardrobe RB MAXI Width / Height / Depth: 80x180x38 [cm]
Price PLN969.00

Multi-drawer Cabinet MAXI 95x180x38cm

Multi-drawer Cabinet RB MAXI" Width / Height / Depth:. 95x180x38 [cm]
Price PLN1,742.00

1x3 bookcase

Width / High / Deep 27x117x38 [cm]
Price PLN298.00

Regał 3x2

Szer. / Wys. / Gł. 80x82x38 [cm] 
Price PLN462.00

Regał 2x3

Szer. / Wys. / Gł. 55x117x38 [cm] 
Price PLN400.00

Small extension

Szer. / Wys. / Gł. 55x39x38 [cm] 
Price PLN204.00

Large extension

Szer. / Wys. / Gł. 80x39x38 [cm] 
Price PLN266.00