Blackboards for classrooms | AKMA Niedomice

Blackboards for classrooms

Akma offers a large selection of whiteboards for classrooms. We provide our customers with white and green school boards. We have rotating, single and triptych boards.

Magnetic chalk board

Universal lesson board. Green surface for writing with chalk..
Price PLN240.00

Green Magnetic Triptych

Magnetic board, green chalkboard for chalk writing, 340x100 cm.
Price PLN1,085.00

White Magnetic Triptych

Magnetic board, white, for writing with markers, 340x100 cm.
Price PLN1,070.00

Rotating board - mobile

Dry-wipe magnetic board. Stand made of anodized aluminum profiles, mounted on 4 wheels. Backboard frame made of anodized...
Price PLN1,170.00