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Preschool Furniture - Manufacturer of Furniture for Preschools As a leading manufacturer of educational facility equipment, we offer preschool furniture made from the highest quality materials that are essential for your playground. With us, you can equip every preschool in excellent style! We recommend extremely functional, attractive colored equipment for preschools from the AKMA brand. We...

Preschool Furniture - Manufacturer of Furniture for Preschools As a leading manufacturer of educational facility equipment, we offer preschool furniture made from the highest quality materials that are essential for your playground. With us, you can equip every preschool in excellent style! We recommend extremely functional, attractive colored equipment for preschools from the AKMA brand. We sell chairs, tables, shelves, armchairs, and a range of accessories that will make children's stay in the preschool enjoyable. Properly arranged and equipped rooms for the youngest will guarantee their comfort and safety. That's why our range includes furniture that is characterized by solidity, durability, and ease of use. We've taken care of every little detail. As a result, you can be sure that our offer will be the right choice. We warmly invite you to explore our full range of products. If you have any questions, we offer professional advice and assistance in selecting the appropriate equipment for preschools. With us, you will equip a preschool that will be enthusiastically received by children of various ages!

  • Chairs
    <p>Preschool chairs Just like in school, it's hard to imagine activities in a preschool without essential interior elements such as chairs. These chairs must be properly designed to provide young children with appropriate comfort and ensure their safety. These qualities guided our designers during the production process. As a result, we can offer you high-quality, extremely comfortable, and ergonomic preschool chairs. In addition to products such as shelves, cabinets, or tables, our store's offer also includes preschool chairs. Created with the youngest ones in mind, they stand out with their height adjusted to the height of preschoolers and an aesthetic appearance enhanced by colorful finishes on the frame. With comfortable backrests and appropriately firm seats, they take care of the spines of young students, encouraging them to adopt correct posture. We invite you to explore our assortment in detail. If you encounter any difficulties in making a choice, feel free to contact our staff. We will be happy to provide necessary advice and guidance.</p>
  • Preschool tables
    <p>Preschool tables We present you with a wide range of furniture for preschools. The selection of equipment for the rooms of the youngest should be based on the concern for the safety and comfort of preschoolers. As a manufacturer of furniture for educational institutions, we guarantee that all the products available in our store have been made from high-quality materials. Their functionality and aesthetics are driven by the need to provide children with comfort, proper protection, and enjoyable usage. Such are our preschool tables. Our company's product catalog includes single and double preschool tables. Thanks to the use of durable materials, our tables stand out with exceptional durability. We offer benches and separate tabletops available in various dimensions. Adjustable height preschool tables are also available for purchase. Depending on the model, we offer square, round, rectangular, hexagonal, and other variations of tabletops. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our assortment. Our staff provides professional advice in choosing the appropriate tables and other furniture. We invite you to shop with us!</p>
  • Preschool locker room
    <p>In the preschool locker room section of our online store, you will find high-quality furniture that is perfect for equipping dressing room spaces. In addition to leading products for schools and preschools, such as desks, chairs, and tables, we also offer numerous items necessary for dressing room arrangements. Distinguished by high ergonomics, practicality, and safety, they are an excellent choice for preschool locker rooms. Comfortable locker sets, locker benches, functional coat hooks, and hanging shelves are just a few elements without which a proper preschool locker room could not be created. You can find these and many other items in our online store. With an aesthetic appearance, high precision in craftsmanship, and appropriate design, they will be an optimal choice for preschools. They will not only provide children with comfort but also ensure their safety. We encourage you to explore the commercial offer of our online store. We guarantee that the locker sets, coat hooks, shelves, and other dressing room products we sell offer an excellent balance of quality and price.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"></p> <p></p>
  • Shelves for classrooms
  • Preschool loungers
    <p>Preschool loungers A preschooler's day consists of playtime, learning, and mealtime. Equally important are the moments of rest, during which children can relax and unwind. Various types of preschool loungers and related accessories available at AKMA store can make this time truly exceptional. By purchasing our preschool loungers, bedding sets, and sleeping bags, you will provide your little ones with comfortable and safe resting time. Our preschool loungers have appropriate certifications, ensuring durability and stability. We offer them in a variety of colors. The bedding wardrobe and lounger cart are highly practical items that help maintain order in every preschool bedroom. When purchasing lounging articles in larger quantities from us, you can benefit from attractive promotions. We highly recommend our comfortable loungers and preschool beds. We guarantee satisfaction with your purchase.</p>
  • Radiator covers
    <p>Radiator covers and enclosures for schools and preschools Children feel best in the presence of colorful, cheerful objects in enchanting interior arrangements. Rooms prepared in such a way give them more freedom. With a joyful decor, little ones are more inclined to make new friends, play, and learn. It's no wonder that preschools are filled with colorful furniture, and walls are adorned with joyful shades of paint or wallpaper. In a similar style, our radiator covers for preschools will perfectly fit into these enchanting interior arrangements. Radiator enclosures in schools and preschools must provide not only an attractive appearance but also safety. The fins of radiators or hidden heaters can reach high temperatures, posing a burn risk to unsuspecting students. That's why our radiator covers are custom-made to fit precisely over the existing heating equipment, concealing not only the radiator itself but also the thermostat and other structural elements of the equipment. The high functionality and safety guarantee of our radiator covers for preschools are not the only distinguishing features compared to competing products. Despite placing a significant emphasis on practicality, we have managed to make them aesthetically pleasing and child-friendly in appearance. They are colorful and joyful - sure to appeal to both the youngest and slightly older preschoolers. We invite you to make a purchase!</p>
  • Manual exercises
  • Preschool carpets and...
    <p>Preschool carpets and mats The functionality and aesthetics of preschool spaces are influenced not only by the cabinets and tables placed in them. It is also important to consider the type of carpet or mat on the floor in the classrooms and rooms. These carpets and mats must possess special properties that allow children to use them safely and comfortably. The preschool carpets and mats available in our offer are the perfect choice for preschools and school classrooms for younger children. They are made from high-quality materials that are completely safe for children's health. We offer preschool mats and carpets in a wide range of sizes (from 1.2x1.7m to 4x5m) and designs. You can choose from patterns such as a sports field, a town, a flowerbed, or a safari theme, among others. Each of our carpets features a soft pile. We also recommend colorful foam mats that can be used on any type of surface. We encourage you to explore our offer. Our soft, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable carpets are an excellent choice for any preschool!</p>
  • Car seats, poufs,...
  • Various
copy of Zestaw LEŚNA POLANA
  • Reduced price
copy of Zestaw LEŚNA POLANA
  • Reduced price
Chair Jaś Chair Jaś
  • Reduced price

Chair Jaś

Chair Jaś Made of 20mm diameter steel tube. Powder-coated. Colors: Yellow, Ash, White, and Green Seat and backrest...
Regular price PLN103.00 -PLN11.00 Price PLN92.00
Chair "Fantazja" Chair "Fantazja"
  • Reduced price

Chair "Fantazja"

Chair "Fantazja" Made entirely of plywood Color: BUK SHIPPING within 10 days!!!
Regular price PLN132.00 -PLN17.00 Price PLN115.00

Chair "Farta" A

Made of powder-coated steel tube with a diameter of 18mm. Seat and backrest made of painted beech plywood. Available in...
Price PLN135.00

Changing table

Dimensions: L: 80cm, W: 100cm, H: 75cm
Price PLN908.00

Individual Work Shelf 2

Dimensions: 90cm (Width) x 110cm (Height) x 38cm (Depth)
Price PLN579.00

Individual Work Shelf 3

Dimensions: 90cm (Width) x 80cm (Height) x 38cm (Depth)
Price PLN409.00


Dimensions (W / H / D): 80cm x 120cm x 38cm
Price PLN493.00

Cup and towel rack (13 places)

Ширина / Високий / Глибокий 130x50x25 [см] Випадкові кольори
Price PLN262.00

Chair "Teddy Bear"

Made of solid beech wood. Seat and backrest made of lacquered beech plywood.
Price PLN180.00

Square preschool table, non-adjustable, top 75x75.

Preschool table, legs powder-coated + colorful edge + square top, top size 75x75 cm, non-adjustable.
Price PLN357.00

Chair "Miś" with armrests

Made of solid beech wood. Seat and backrest made of lacquered beech plywood.
Price PLN200.00