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  • School Chairs
    <p>One of the essential elements of every classroom is school chairs. Their selection should be dictated by the safety and comfort of the student. Therefore, as a reputable and valued manufacturer of furniture for educational institutions, we guarantee that each individual chair has been made with the utmost care for its durability and strength. Its advantages are not only a stable construction but also an aesthetically pleasing and modern design. Our store's extensive range includes school chairs available in adjustable and non-adjustable versions. Each of them will perfectly complement school benches, also available in our online store's offer. By creating the necessary set in every classroom, it ensures students' comfort, allowing for comfortable participation in the lesson. We offer a wide selection of chairs in a diverse color range, so everyone will find the perfect one for themselves. We ensure high quality and solidity of our products. We warmly encourage you to familiarize yourself with their specifications. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our staff.</p>
  • School Benches
    <p>School Benches and Tables - Various Sizes One of the fundamental elements of a classroom's equipment is school benches. It is essential to ensure that such furniture is safe, solid, and durable. After all, it is at these benches that a student spends most of their time at school. In our online store, you can equip yourself with school benches and other furniture that make up the equipment of schools. We have high-quality goods available in a wide range of models. We sell single and double tables, with or without adjustment options. We assure you that all school tables available in our store have been made with the utmost care for even the smallest detail. Their stable and robust construction will be a promise of healthy and comfortable use. Regardless of the size, every school table "coming out" of our factory guarantees a good choice. It ensures that students will not experience any inconvenience resulting from the furniture - their profiling, solidity, and safety - while using them. We encourage you to browse our commercial offer. We provide professional advice in selecting the appropriate model of tables. No school bench has secrets from us!</p>
  • School desks
    <p>School Desk - High-Quality Desks Every school should be equipped with comfortable, convenient, and functional furniture. It greatly influences the quality of time spent in lessons, both for students and teachers. For the latter, apart from chairs, desks at which they sit for several hours every day are particularly important. What should an optimal school desk be like? First and foremost, it must have exceptional ergonomics. This means that it should provide comfortable seating, be appropriately contoured, not expose the spine to unnecessary work, and guarantee rest. School desks must also be functional. To achieve this, they should be equipped with drawers for storing essential items, side cabinets, a shelf for a computer keyboard, and an extension, which will be especially appreciated by tall people using a monitor. This is exactly what each school desk in our offer is like. In addition to high ergonomics and functionality, it is also aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and precise workmanship, it stands out from the competition with an exceptionally attractive appearance. As we encourage you to explore our commercial offer, we wish you successful shopping. If you have any problems with choosing, please feel free to contact us - our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right school desk.</p>
  • School Cabine
    <p>School Cabinets School and preschool furniture of various types are at the center of our company's interests. As a leading manufacturer of such products, we provide educational institutions across the country with furniture that successfully fulfills the tasks set before them. These include school cabinets, which are not only spacious and functional but also visually appealing. It is hard to imagine education in schools without access to countless books, encyclopedias, voluminous dictionaries, and scientific publications. Amid the clutter of objects necessary for conducting lessons, the question arises - where to store them? In such situations, spacious school cabinets are indispensable, ready to accommodate almost any number of items. These are the products available in our assortment. Extremely capacious, with closed doors or exposed shelves, varying in width and height, they will be an optimal choice for classrooms teaching Polish language, mathematics, biology, and other subjects. Wishing you successful shopping, we encourage you to explore our assortment. If you have any questions, we are here to help and provide suggestions. Welcome!</p>
  • Teacher's Room
    <p>Furniture for the teacher's room School is not just about students and classrooms. It also includes teachers and their meeting place during breaks or so-called "free periods" – the teacher's room. It is in this room where meetings, conferences, discussions, and teacher gatherings take place. Our company, one of the leading manufacturers of educational facility equipment, offers its clients high-quality furniture for the teacher's room, which will successfully fulfill all the tasks set before them. Our furniture for the teacher's room is above all functional. Equipped with numerous cabinets, shelves, and compartments, they will be perfect for storing gradebooks, books, notes, or student tests. Thanks to the timeless design, precise and aesthetic execution, they will be an excellent choice for every school. If you are interested in furniture for the teacher's room, our offer will be an optimal choice. AKMA's products are characterized by high-quality workmanship and an excellent quality-to-price ratio. Their purchase will always be a good decision!</p>
  • Locker room
    <p>Coat racks for locker rooms, locker room benches, and more In our online store, you will find high-quality furniture, perfect for equipping both classrooms and other spaces in the school. In addition to leading products such as desks, chairs, and tables, we also offer numerous items essential for arranging locker rooms. With high ergonomics, practicality, and safety, they are an excellent choice for schools of various levels. Comfortable locker room benches, functional coat racks, or hanging shelves - these are just a few elements without which a real school locker room could not exist. You can purchase these and many other items in our online store. Thanks to their aesthetic appearance, high precision workmanship, and appropriate profiling, they will be an optimal choice for elementary, middle, and high schools. They will provide students with not only comfort but also safety. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the commercial offer of our online store. We guarantee that the coat racks, shelves, and other locker room products we sell, such as locker room benches, offer excellent value for money.</p>
  • Library
    <p>Library furniture - library shelves, library counter Our library furniture available in our store will be a perfect addition to the decor of any library. A room where books reign should not only have a pleasant and interesting appearance, but above all, provide readers with easy access to selected book titles. Proper furniture will handle this task perfectly, and most importantly, its simple style and precise execution will give the place a unique character. In our offer, you will find library furniture distinguished by high quality and solid construction. Our commercial offer includes various types of shelves, including a library shelf on a metal frame, double-sided and with tilting shelves. We also offer filing cabinets, desks, and other necessary equipment, such as a library counter. We strongly encourage you to get acquainted with the detailed specifications of our library products. We are convinced that the choice of our furniture will meet your expectations in terms of functionality and aesthetics. We invite you to shop. If you have any questions, our employees will be at your full disposal.</p>
  • Office furniture
  • Executive chairs and...
  • Folding tables
  • School chalkboards
    <p>School chalkboards and bulletin boards School chalkboards and bulletin boards occupy an important place in our store's offer. Green or white, perfect for writing with chalk or markers, and bulletin boards - cork or flannel, are essential elements that are hard to imagine without both classrooms and school and kindergarten corridors. In our store, you will find various types of boards made with high-quality materials. Our company's extensive and constantly replenished assortment includes necessary magnetic boards for classrooms as well as bulletin boards. Depending on your needs, we offer white or green school boards for writing with chalk or markers. They come in three different designs. We provide the option to purchase a rotating board, a single board, or a triptych board. For bulletin boards, we offer a choice between two models. One is made of cork with a wooden or aluminum frame, while the other features a flannel covering. We warmly encourage you to familiarize yourself with our range of products. Each of our school boards has been crafted with the utmost attention to detail and presents itself aesthetically. Our products will be an excellent addition to any classroom. We invite you to shop with us.</p>
  • Glass display cases
    <p>Glass display cases Practically every school can boast of exceptional achievements. Some excel in educational matters, with their students achieving top positions in Olympiads and knowledge contests. Others stand out in sports arenas, while some lead the way in the artistic field. The trophies, medals, and diplomas earned in this way deserve to be showcased. Glass display cases available in our commercial offer can help with that. Our company is a recognized and esteemed manufacturer of school furniture, and we also offer other educational facility equipment. Among them are glass display cases that serve a variety of purposes. Our online store provides both hanging and standing glass display cases. Regardless of the chosen type, size, or color, our products are characterized by high functionality, ease of use, and attractive appearance. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and precise finishing, they are safe. High-quality, safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing glass display cases at competitive prices - the online store wishes you successful shopping!</p>
  • Metal school lockers
    <p>Metal school lockers Metal school lockers are an essential element of the dressing rooms in educational institutions. Used for storing textbooks, clothing, and other belongings, they are an integral part of every school's decor. Available in our offer, they are highly functional, safe, and comfortable. It might seem that metal school lockers, due to their straightforward purpose, don't need to stand out in any particular way. In reality, they should possess specific characteristics. Above all, considering their use by children and teenagers of different ages, they must be safe. It's also beneficial if they are simple and easy to use. Taking into account these requirements, our company offers solid, durable, and comfortable school lockers that will undoubtedly meet the demands of even the most discerning individuals. In addition to high functionality, our metal school lockers stand out for their precise craftsmanship and design. With the option to finish the doors and body in colors from the RAL color palette, they can acquire an even more attractive and individual look. We encourage you to explore the offerings of our online store. We wish you successful shopping!</p>
  • Sport equipment
  • Complementary equipment
  • Common room - dining room
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Irys G Ø 25 bench for 1 person Irys G Ø 25 bench for 1 person
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Irys G Ø 25 bench for 1 person

Ø25 frame, fully welded. Top: laminated board, 2 mm PVC edging.
Regular price PLN207.01 -PLN8.00 Price PLN199.01
Irys G Ø 25 double seat. Irys G Ø 25 double seat.
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Irys G Ø 25 double seat.

Frame Ø25, fully welded. Tabletop: laminated board, 2mm PVC edge.
Regular price PLN254.00 -PLN15.00 Price PLN239.00
Crocus leg shape 25x25 1... Crocus leg shape 25x25 1...
  • Reduced price

Crocus leg shape 25x25 1 person

Table base: angle bar 30x30x2 mm, legs 25x25 mm. Fully welded frame. Top: laminated board, 2 mm PVC edging.
Regular price PLN229.00 -PLN5.00 Price PLN224.00

Pansy Ø 32 double

Table base: angle bar 30x30x2 mm, legs Ø32. Fully welded frame. Top: laminated board, 2 mm PVC edging.
Price PLN280.00

Krokus nogi kształtownik 25x25 dwuosobowy

Podstawa stolika: kątownik 30x30x2 mm, nogi kształtownik 25x25 mm. Stelaż w całości spawany. Blat: płyta laminowana, obrzeże...
Price PLN259.00

Aster Ø 28 1 pers.

Ø28 frame, fully welded. Top: laminated board, 2 mm PVC edging.
Price PLN227.00

Aster on a flat oval 20x40 1 person

The frame is made of flat oval steel pipe 20/40 mm, fully welded. Top: laminated board, 2 mm PVC edging.
Price PLN247.00
Adjustable table.
  • Reduced price

Adjustable table.

Adjustable Single Table with Height Range 4-6, i.e., tabletop height of 64/76 cm. The tabletop of the bench is made of...
Regular price PLN299.00 -PLN20.00 Price PLN279.00