Adding products to the shopping list

To add a viewed product to the shopping list (cart), select the desired quantity (by default, 1 piece) and press the "Add to cart" button. The product will be added to the cart. Some products have configuration options - please choose the product parameters that interest you from the list, enter the number of pieces, and confirm adding to the cart.

Order processing

After completing the order and going to the cart (clicking the "Checkout" button in the cart area located in the left column below the AKMA logo), you have the option to place an order without creating an account ("order as a guest") or by creating an account. The latter option allows you to log in to the store and track the status of orders, view the list of previous orders, and manage them. Regardless of the chosen option, it will be necessary to provide a set of data, among which you should carefully fill in the email and phone number fields, as they will be necessary for further communication. After entering this data, choose the payment method by selecting "Bank transfer" (by clicking on the name of this method). Then confirm your intention to order by clicking "Confirm order". After confirmation, you will receive an appropriate message, and information about the placed order will be sent to your email address.

NOTE - after performing these actions, please wait for the contact from an AKMA employee before taking further steps.

The information on costs and payment methods does not include information on the shipping method and price, which should be agreed upon with the employee. Therefore, please wait for the contact to discuss the details of the execution. Thank you for shopping, and if you have any questions, please contact us.