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"The Road to School" Set

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Dimensions (Width / Height / Depth [cm])
1. 45x156x38
2. 75x88x38
3. 75x43x38
4. 75x88x38
5. 75x88x38

Dimensions with application (Width / Height / Depth [cm])
1. 45x207x38
2. 75x129x38
3. 75x133x38
4. 75x129x38
5. 75x132x38

Kolor Płyt Rb


A set of shelves with applications measuring 345cm in length. The bodies are made of 18mm thick standard color beech furniture board (other colors available for selection). The fronts are made of 16mm laminated MDF in various colors. The edges are protected with PVC strips. The shelves feature applications depicting items we can see on the road, such as a car, traffic lights, a school bus, and a school building. The fronts are also carved with elements like a road, a pedestrian crossing, cars, and houses. All these elements perfectly reflect the theme of the set.

In a child's imagination, cabinets with an additional accent of natural and fairy-tale elements can become more than just furniture but something more.

This set of shelves, equipped with lockable cabinets and open shelves, not only ensures tidiness and order but also fills and warms up any preschool space. Learning, playing, and spending time in such a room is a pure pleasure not only for children but also for adults.

We also invite you to explore our other products, especially Nature Applications, which can thematically complement the free space in the preschool classroom.

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